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      Energy Systems

      Biogas and Carbon Farming – Part 3

      In our three part series we have examined the use of biogas to reduce emissions and drawdown carbon as a…

      A Year in the Life of a Deciduous Tree and Understanding Our Role as Facilitators

      Unlike other methods of growing food, in permaculture, we try to understand the natural order of things and do our…
      Permaculture Projects

      The Polyculture Project – Week 5 2020

      That week flew by and speaking of flying, the first of the Swallows –?Hirundo spp. have arrived in town, oblivious…
      Energy Systems

      People power: everyday Australians are building their own renewables projects, and you can too

      Dominique McCollum Coy, Monash University; Roger Dargaville, Monash University, and Shirin Malekpour, Monash University In the town of Goulburn in…

      My Little Bokashi Farm

      Today I’d like to introduce you to my new roommates of eight months. They came as a matter of necessity.…
      Permaculture Projects

      Polyculture Project 2020 – Week 4

      Halfway through April already and with the last of our plant orders out to our customers it’s great to be…

      The Easiest Most Abundant Food To Grow – Gardening In A Cold Climate

      In this video I share the easiest and most abundant foods to grow in your garden in a colder climate.…
      Community Projects

      The students behind the Permaculture Garden

      We hear from one of the students involved in creating the University of Edingburgh’s very own Permaculture garden, the Ecological…
      Permaculture Projects

      The Polyculture Project – Week 3

      It’s warmed up here in Shipka and it has been a glorious spring week full of blossoms and lush green…
      Energy Systems

      Biogas & Carbon Farming – Part 2

      In the first article in this three part series, we discussed our decision making process to use biogas. In this…


      Permaculture For KIDS

      24th October 2020
      at Zaytuna Farm
      From $ 175

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      COVID Times Food Garden-Plate Creation Course

      31st October – 01st November 2020
      at Zaytuna Farm
      Early Bird Discount $400 – After Full Price $450

      BOOK NOW

      Permaculture Design Certificate Course

      2nd – 13th of November 2020
      at Zaytuna Farm
      From $ 1800

      BOOK NOW


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