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    The Permaculture Student 2 Workbook


    Please Note – This is a digital product, not a physical book.

    Are you looking for a holistic permaculture handbook that goes beyond the garden?

    The Permaculture Student 2 The Workbook?spans the full regenerative spectrum of permaculture with advanced permaculture recipes, how to’s, formulas, diagrams, frameworks, strategies, methods, assessments, professional examples, & planning for all sites, people, & climates.

    This workbook extends and pairs with The Permaculture Student 2 The Textbook?– a collection of regenerative solutions designed for advanced high school, college, and adult learners.

    A regenerative future is possible – using the practices found in this workbook, you can start a regenerative business, take your home off the grid, and begin living a regenerative lifestyle of abundance.

    About Matt Powers

    Matt Powers is an author, educator, expert permaculturist, motivational speaker, seed saver, and former private school music teacher, K-12 substitute in Fresno, California, public charter school teacher with a masters degree in best practices in education with a dual credential in history and english for teaching in California. Matt has written over a dozen permaculture books for the academic setting. Matt was a radical educator gaining attention internationally for his student-centered, project-based, and no homework learning experience. Matt Powers teaches teachers about educational best practices, student empowerment, and permaculture.education in his online courses (REE & APSO), in workshops and speaking engagements, and in this new teacher’s guide.


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